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When it comes to your appearance, you deserve the best care that money can buy. Welcome to Eau Claire Body Contouring, the number one experts in cosmetic medical treatments in the Eau Claire area. We’re a certified Beauty Treatment Clinic, providing professional, safe, and personalized services. If you’re looking for the best solutions for your aesthetic concerns - you’ve come to the right place! Book a complimentary consultation meeting with our Certified Body Contouring Expert & Nurse, Niki.

Body sculpting is great for areas of the body where stubborn fat, cellulite and loose skin is an issue. A particular set of heat and cold parameters are programmed for all types of treatments to tighten and smooth skin, reduce cellulite and destroy fat cells leaving a healthier, sculpted you. Body sculpting treatments cause fat cell death, a break down of binding agents that cause cellulite, and an increase in collagen and elastin. It also increases metabolism/blood circulation, boosts oxygen and nutrients around the body, speeds up the removal of toxins (this process helps rid of destroyed fat cells, reduces cellulite, and tightens skin) and after just a few short sessions your body will transition beautifully.

Women in Bodysuit

Non-Invasive, Safe, Painless

Body Sculpting Treatment

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Eau Claire Body Contouring is one of the most popular clinics in the Eau Claire area. We founded our business with one goal in mind - to make aesthetic treatments effective, safe, and affordable for every woman and man. Our Beauty Treatment Clinic offers a modern, clinical and private setting for all your needs. All of our treatments and products are medically approved, and our specialists strive to understand and exceed our patients’ expectations. We strive to give everyone the confidence to love their body again. Ready to embark on a beautiful journey with us?

Helping You Love the Skin You're In


Certified Body Contouring Expert and Cosmetic Nurse

"My true passion is to help people feel amazing about themselves. My number one goal is to deliver beautiful and natural results to both men and women to help gain confidence in their self-image once again!"

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